Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love one another means what to you??

We mailed out three adoption grants...PLEASE pray for those. We have not received any money from any where yet so we are just anxious to see how God will provide. We know he will provide! Also,Our family went to see African Children's Choir Tuesday. They were all so amazing!! It makes my heart smile to hear all the good things that have happened and are happening because of that program. There is SO MUCH WE CAN DO for the children of the world. Bit by bit. What is little to one could mean the world to another. Could mean life to another. Take a look at this seems so distant for what we know. But its is happening in the world we live in today. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Friends FWD of our website

This blog is just a letter my friend Heather sent as her email to FWD our website address on. I thought it was great. So I asked if I could post it.

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great start to this new year! It seems we are all a little on edge with the current economical situation in our great country. While I have no idea WHAT tomorrow holds I know WHO holds it and we must all rely on Him! I am forwarding this e-mail to all of you and ask that you forward it to everyone in your address book and encourage them to do so as well. These are very dear friends of mine and it is my hope that we can rally around them and pray the precious girls home!!! I know also that they would love for people to sign their guestbook and help pass along encouragement for them during this time. When you look at their site and see the bracelets they are selling, I have some of them as well so you can contact me directly if you'd like and I will get them to you. If you are not near us I will ship them for free! You can keep up with the whole adoption process through their website and blog and I encourage everyone to do that. I have been doing that with some people I don't even know and it's so amazing to see God working in peoples lives. 143 MILLION, THAT'S ABOUT HOW MANY ORPHANS THERE ARE IN THE WORLD!!! That's enough kids to go around the world at the equator 3 TIMES!!! I promise that ANYthing you do even one dollar toward helping bring an orphan home is one dollar closer to giving a child the love of a mother and father, the assurance of 3 meals a day, and knowing there is a safe place to lay there head. Here is another way to look at the number of orphans in the world... Picture being on a very long road trip. If you had these orphans hold hands in a line, you would see over 1,700 orphans per mile.If you were to follow that line of Orphans holding hands, driving 60 mph, you could drive 24 hours a day seeing 1,700 orphans every mile, hour after hour, day after day without stopping for over two months, and you would still see orphans holding hands. How long would it take to stop, and with compassion take one child in your arms, to make a difference for at least one? They are hungry, lonely, afraid, have holes in their shoes, and face the greatest challenges of any children on the face of the earth. They are very real children who need someone to love them and help them. Join us, if not in bringing an orphan to your own home, then at least helping someone else make that way for a child just a bit easier. Blessings and Happy New Year,

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fortune Cookie

We went to a Makotos to eat this weekend, Chris' fortune cookie said....You will soon be crossing the great waters. Now we are not really into fortune telling via cookie, however were going to go with this one :).

Just in case anyone wants to know..Our paypal is now working.

Also, We started wearing our prayer bracelet's this weekend. Along with our neighbors, whom happen to be some of our best friends. They have three children also. It has been really sweet hearing the children talk about the bracelets and how they have been praying.


Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy NEW Year, Happy NEW to Blogging, Happy, happy birthday to....

It's official, Our website has been published! This calls for a join in on the party all you need to do is copy and send it to anyone you feel would be interested in following our story or who might want to donate. We need as much support in prayer, blogs, donations as we can get. Most Importantly Prayer! For God can do what our human brains can't even imagine. By the end of this adoption journey, the Maya/Davis family will be one more proof on earth ..That when there seems to be no way, GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!!!!

Thank You!
Chris and Angel