Sunday, March 15, 2009


Thursday our case manager sent us the OK to send our Dossier to get it authenticated at the NC SEC of state, then Washinton DC for federal authenticaton and the Ethiopian Embassy. I think I got all that correct. After all of that......Drum roll.....Our papes are headed off to Ethiopia, that is the point where we wait for a referral. Yay!! YIPPIE!!! Praise the Lord. Oh there is on bit of info I'm trying to not think about.....the thing that we are just trying to give to God without taking it back every millisecond. It's the around $10,000.00 that we need BEFORE the Dossier can be sent to Ethiopia. IT WILL COME. Our ideas to raise money haven't worked so far. But we are brainstorming for new ones and keep waitng for money to fall from the sky Ha! Ha!:)