Monday, May 11, 2009

Stepping out of our box while, Stepping in FAITH

As many people know Adoption can be very expensive. Especially international adoption.
So we when started feeling led to adopt internationally instead of through the foster care system...our anxiety for funds increased. We had heard of several adoption grants that would help you send out letters to your friends and family, then they would match whatever you raised up to a certain amount. Although Chris and I thought it sounded like a good idea, we chose not to do that. Not sure if it was that we didn't feel led to or that we wouldn't come out of our box enough to ask for help.

But at the end of the day ADOPTION is an act of GOD!! So people who choose to help are doing the works of God. There are believers all over that are called by God to do a certain mission. From huge tasks like the Jones', that are from our area who are packing up their family and moving to China, to as simple as the people who make meals for those in need. All is important and each are called to do their own thing. Adoption is one of ours.

GOD has called us to adopt. So as we keep telling ourselves....IF HE CALLED US TO IT, HE WILL SEE US THROUGH IT. But we want to feel as though we have done our part. So if in the end... we were led a different direction we will know we did all that we could do. We recently got an fundraiser idea from someone and chose to do it. So last week we sent out a special fundraiser letter asking for $10.00 and to forward it on to others. We believe even during this hard economic times that most could give $10.00. It is kind of like a chain letter...that should only be sent to people you feel would love to help. We are asking 1,000 people to give $10.00. You will be able to keep up with our success here on our blog. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!!

If you would like to receive our letter to support our cause please let us know. We can mail it or send via email.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Braxton's class was in the talent show..N SYNC :) They all did very good! Watching Braxton made my heart smile. But another thing really touched mt heart that night. Abby was sporting one of our prayer bracelets. Her mom asked her why she was wearing that...She said so I can pray for Braxton's sisters :)